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Minimalism is the key to pristine digital reproduction.  Eliminate all non-essential components and you eliminate potential issues.  Less, in this case, is truly more.  Remove everything until you are left with nothing but pure, pristine music. For a number of years now, we have searched for just the right combination of hardware and software to optimize convenient digital music storage and playback.  There are a wide range of products on the market designed for just such a system.  But none of them totally addressed our personal needs.  So we simply quit looking and set out to design the digital music system of our dreams. A common design approach for such a system would be to add as many features as possible.  Our approach was quite the opposite.  We eliminated everything not absolutely essential for the task at hand.  Our player, for example, has no spinning hard drive, no fan, no RF-producing video port and no audio ports.  It is totally silent.  It utilizes the minimum hardware and software required to pass music from a digital source to a USB DAC.  No cleaner player is possible since there is nothing non- essential in the system.  It is as clean and pristine as a digital player can get.
For the past quarter century, countless resources have been invested in an industry-wide effort to improve digital music reproduction.  More accurate transports, more accurate clocks, improved D/A converters and audiophile-grade output sections were all in the mix.  Then came computers and, with them, the concept of storing and playing digital media more conveniently.  But there were problems with this approach as well.
Pure, pristine perfection